Koncept Vastu is an amalgamated vastu and architecture firm, which is into designing and creating modern spaces, which are complaint to Vastu. We understand the need of creating harmony between the five elements of universe with the spaces where live or work. Vastu when mixed with modern architecture can do wonders by bringing positive energy happiness, prosperity and peace to a living place. A property which not vastu-compliant can bring displeasure to people who are living or working there. Serious health concerns like blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, insomnia, etc as well as other serious problems  such as financial issues, relationship troubles, and professional hurdles are very common. Small correction in your home or office can bring good luck and prosperity.  To remove get rid of Vastu compliant all you need is a Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi which you’ll get at Knocept Vastu.


Vastu is actually a Traditional Hindu System of designing spaces (architecture) to develop harmony with natural forces. In other words, it can be explained as an ancient wisdom used to design interiors that take positive advantage of the power of space. The traces of this architectural science are as old as 10,000 years and. The concept of Vastu is preserved in the Ancient Indian Literature – The Vedas, which also given this world the science of longevity – Yoga & meditation. The Vedas is replete with texts that provide people with comprehensive information pertaining to the key principles of measurement, design, layout and sundry other things. To bring harmony among the ancient traditional beliefs and the nature with the architecture following the Vastu Shastra is a common practice. It is also believed that the state of a human being’s mind, wealth, health are effected by nature, direction and other small as well as big elements. The principles of the Vastu Shastra can be applied in varied areas to structure and plan the roads, shops, towns, houses, temples and even public areas.


Vastu Shashtra is a purely scientific approach, which actually relates the basic natural aspects and their reaction with the spaces like home, offices and other places. The core base of Vastu Shashtra is Panchabhut principles, which are the five elements of nature – Sky (Aakash), Wind (Vaayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), and Earth (Prithvi).


Directions have a vital role to play in Vastu Shastra as it helps in designing the layout and architecture of a structure to keep it in sync with the natural elements. There are four main directions, which are North, East, South, and West. These four directions are further divided into sub-directions, which are North-east (Eeshaan), South-east (Aagnay), South-west (Nairut), and North-west (Vaiyauvya).





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