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Vastu has been in our tradition since long and is a science of architecture, It tells us about the principles of layout, designs , ground preparation, space arrangement, spatial geometry and measurements. It is also said that  Buddhists believes in Vastu very strongly. Gain the knowledge out of some Vastu points for your Career Success.

  • First priority of the offices is the plot , broader or narrow lands are much better for the offices and one should buy a plot near operational roads.
  • To bring positive energies and good luck the office should be facing north, north-east or north west.
  • The entrance door should be facing north or east direction and there should not be any obstruction in front of the entrance.
  • Receptions should be located towards the east or north east direction.
  • The central area of your office should be empty since it’s the heart of the office.
  • The person who owns the office should sit facing towards north and his office should be in the south western direction. Worshiping idols and temples should not be kept behind owner’s seat, glass or concrete wall is not advised behind the owner’s seat and the desk is said to be rectangular.
  • All the members of staff should work facing north or east direction.
  • The north west region of the office should be kept activity free and element free since it builds a strong financial support system. Toilets should not be built in this area because it can hamper with your financial system, white horses are said to be kept here to symbolize the financial support.
  • North and East directions are for the Accounts section and people working with bank and cash transactions should sit facing east and north directions,  financial records are said to be kept in central north or southwest of the cabinet.
  • Green plants should be used in the south east zone and you should get rid of blue colour in this zone, Red or pink should not be painted in the north zone and no pantries should be built here, it can make the payment work smoother.
  • All the conference rooms should be made in the north west direction.
  • Work areas and desks should be rectangular and should not be L-shaped, other irregular shapes can cause confusion and it is better to avoid it.
  • All the objects related to electricity should be placed in the south east direction in the building.
  • Your manufacturing business should start from south and then move to north and west before reaching east.
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