Overview of the Vastu Services Offered by Koncept Vastu

Koncept Vastu is an acclaimed Vastu based architectural firm based in Delhi. The business maintains a website where it highlights the services it offers to its clients, customers.


Following are the important services that are rendered by Koncept Vastu:-

1. Vastu planning and Design

Koncept Vastu uses the science of Vastu Shastra (balancing the five elements of natures and eight directions) to design and create modern spaces. We focus in making our clients’ house according to the Vastu requirements so that our client gets benefited health-wise, wealth-wise. Our services are oriented to make our clients happy and prosperous.

2. Architectural Services

Koncept Vastu offers architectural services that are Vastu compliant. We have Vastu expert in Delhi NCR who uses architectural technologies, amenities and methods that would protect the clients and keep them fit and healthy. Vastu architectural services help to keep client’s emotional, spiritual and intellectual aura positive and clean. Appropriate Vastu designs help clients preserve the right energies and give them huge benefits.

3. Interior Designing

Home interiors should incorporate the right Vastu designs so that the residents can get maximum comfort and satisfaction. At Koncept Vastu, our designers believe in injecting creativity, research as well as passion into Vastu designing of structures.

4. Astrology

We also provide astrology services to potential clients and customers. Our astrology services are aimed towards making our clients follow the right remedial path. We offer easy to follow astrological services. Our services change the lives of our clients for the better. We offer astrological services according to the client’s birth date.

5. Sustainable Design Services

At Koncept Vastu we offer to our clients and customers sustainable design services. Our designs help our clients, customers to reduce energy consumption. Our designs eliminate the need for air-conditioners or large heating systems.

6. Vastu consultancy

Home interiors make a big difference in our lives. At Koncept Vastu, our designing team comprises of the best Vastu consultant in Delhi and we keep in mind the various basics of Vastu while providing high-quality structural designing services.

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