Choose Colors as per Vastu for your Office

Choose Colors as per Vastu for your Office

First of a perfect workplace, free from of any Vastu defects ought to be chosen. Once choosing the workplace, in coming up with a layout for workplace and providing for utilities special attention ought to be got the subsequent aspects which can enhance the energy and environment of your workplace. Colors provide results supported directions and placement of rooms in this.

South West Direction

As per Vastu, the master suite or the managing director’s cabin ought to be placed in South Western part of the positioning. Light Pink or Lemon color is incredibly sensible for this direction. Light Pink represents love and promotes harmony within the relationship. Pink color is additionally sensible for material gains because it enhances the foundation chakra energies. The negative colors for this direction are Bright red and Dark Green.

East Direction

White and really light shades are best for this direction. The lot of this space remains lighted the higher it’s thought-about. Dark colors ought to ne’er be used. This direction is good for open spaces or creating living rooms or study.

Perfect Color for your office-

Red: Red is that the most dramatic, emotional and active color. It’s utilized in those areas wherever one wants excitement, heat and class. It mustn’t be utilized in bedrooms owing to its energizing quality.

Blue: Blue symbolizes relaxation and may be a cool color. This color is usually recommended for bedroom, meditation area or for room designed for relaxing or sleeping.

Yellow: it’s a robust color, each lightweight in price and intensely intense in its purest type. It evokes a way of energy and excitement. It stimulates the brain and is usually recommended for all rooms wherever intelligence is employed like lecture room, office etc. This color isn’t suggested for rooms wherever daylight enters on to the space. As an example, for the pooja area, yellow color is ideal.

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