Home is a person’s perfect paradise where one can live comfortably and happily with their family and loved ones. As we all know how important a home is for someone, it is very important to protect it from any kind of negativity and evil eyes. And for this, if we built a house as per the rules of vastu for home, then only we can save our beautiful world from all the negative energies and can enjoy the peace and serenity of our happy place. Besides knowing all of this, majority of us ignore the importance of vastu and construct our house against the primary principles of vastu shastra. Due to this, unknowingly we attract various kinds of issues, stress, and negativity to our place. That’s why I am sharing some of the important tips that you should keep in your mind while choosing colors for your home:


The kitchen is the place where we cook food by using fire. Thus, kitchens should be built in the south-east direction, which is known as the fire corner of the house. So, as per the vastu for home colors that should be used in the kitchens are Light scarlet red, Saffron orange, Brick orange, Peach, and Woody green. These colors help to improve the digestion and provide good health to all.

Master bedroom

The most suitable colors for bedrooms according to vastu for home are pink, blue, green, grey or purple; all in the brighter shades. These colors bring serenity and encourage sound sleep. In addition to this, these colors are the perfect symbol of love and happiness.

Living room

Living room reflects the overall appearance of our house. So, it should be beautiful and welcoming with a combination of vibrant colors that bubbles up the entire energy of the house. Blue, green, yellow, beige and tan with a combination of red are some of the best options that you can choose for your living room. With these colors you can turn the whole room into a lively and positive energy reflecting part of the house.

Bathroom and Hall

According to vastu for home you must choose white color for the bathroom. Apart from this, the ideal colors to paint your halls are yellow and white. Also, you can paint the exterior parts of the house with yellowish-white, off-white, light mauve or orange colors.

Colors contribute a lot in the appearances of our houses. For this, a number of colors are specifically set for every section of the house according to the vastu for home. So, above are some particular vastu for home tips that you should follow to choose the best colors for your house.

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