Designing and Decorating home

Designing and Decorating home

Home is a heaven for all of us. Who doesn’t want happiness, success and luck in one’s house? Vastu has its own importance and once it is taken into consideration when thinking to do your home, it can show results. Yes, positivity, pleasantness and vivacity will always reside in your home.

First things first. For bringing peace, add plants to your home. Plants are not limited only to provide oxygen. They give the house a fresh and clean look. As per vastu, make a small garden in the house, or at least grow some plants except cactus and thorns because they symbolize roughness, turbulent and edgy times. Add colour to your living room and kitchen. Let your house bloom with colours.

The materialistic things should also be placed in an apple-pie order. The furniture, say the dining table should be placed in north west direction for a well-balanced life. The south east corner in the bedroom should remain untouched. Bed can be placed in southwest direction.

North west plays an important role. Refrigerator and air conditioner must be placed in this direction. The design of the home should exude natural and fresh vibes. Do not go for hard, sharp and dark colour looking objects. Especially when it comes to paintings and flowers and other decoration stuff.

The design kit should be minimal and light. The colours should be easy on eyes and the concept you choose must mean progress and vitality. Do not include anything depressing or sad posters or designs on walls. Keep it simple and cool. Light coloured curtains, according to vastu, usher home harmony and tranquility and entrance of new, good prospects.

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