Have a hale and hearty life 

Have a hale and hearty life 

A good, healthy life is a wealthy life. No matter how intellectual or rich you are, your health matters at the end of the day. The life’s cheer comes through only when we are fit and fine. People often ignore their health at times, while some cannot do away with the ill effects of ill health and diseases.

It is important that we stave off the health issues that can spring up because prevention is better than cure. As per vastu, some changes should be incorporated in our lives to live a peaceful, healthy and vibrant, long life.

The house is one of the most fundamental when it comes our life. We seek relief and shelter at our places which provides comfort. As per vastu, the stairs should not be located right in the middle of the house. Health related problems often arise when the position of stairs is inappropriate.

Do not grow bamboo plants. Grow plants but refrain from cactus and bamboos. Plants are the metaphor for green and long life thereby depicting a fresh and thriving life. Greenery in itself is a big symbol of longevity of life and fertility. But plants like cactus restrict growth.

South-east direction is the best location for kitchen. Kitchen is important in that food is whipped up here. From kitchen comes the aroma and the nutrients which keep us healthy. So take note, and do not look for other spaces for kitchen, north-east, in particular.

Your head must be towards the south direction if you wish to maintain your general health or improve minor health issues.

Kitchen and loo in the house should never be placed in close distance to each other. The distance should be large, in fact, the directions should be totally different. Kitchen and the toilet in the house can never go hand in hand.

South-east direction is also suitable for candles. Candles are a source of light and illumination in a house. They exude positivity and bring good health. So light a candle in your house.

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