How to be successful in business? 

How to be successful in business? 

Business is anybody’s business, i.e. work but it is anything but everybody’s business. A business only thrives when oit paces up and show signs of progress. Some businesses fail to create an impact and collapse before reaching a significant mark.

One thing which cannot be ignored is the place where the business is carried out on daily basis. Special attention must be given to the location where business actually happens. The space, the office, desks, equipments, gadgets and the total space, the works – all matters, according to vastu shashtra when it comes to the success of business.

North zone is considered very auspicious be north-east or north-west for one’s office and business. If you keep in mind the location and the placement, the business is sure to bloom. The entrance should be also in north or east side.

Ditch the idea of making a loo in the north-west direction in the office. The financial and monetary gains will flow and increase if you do away with wrong elements in this zone. Else, the business might suffer losses and certain hiccups. Paintings of white horses is considered positive and favourable for the business, so that painting can be

The owner of the business is the one who operates and manages all and sundry. Therefore, if you are the one, sit facing to the north on your desk and avoid placing paintings and idols behind your seat.

It is often seen in offices that the temples and paintings are festooned right on the wall behind the owner’s seat. So do away with this. The staff should also work facing either north or east direction.

Shapes do matter. The workstations should never be in any irregular or topsy turvy shape. They should be either square or rectangular. Maximum clarity is needed in the office. Confusion should have no place in business. So go for simple cubicles with clear shapes.

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