What plants should you keep in your house?

What plants should you keep in your house?

Plants are not only a source of oxygen for human beings but also add charm and freshness to our homes. Certain plants should be kept at our homes in order to stave off bad energies. Evil per se do not reside in our homes, it is through various elements and objects. Plants help ease the negative aura and add positivity, vim and vigour in our lives.

The presence of bamboo plant helps in bringing wealth. It brings peace as well. 

Money plant, as the name suggests, is a very favourable plant that is a must in the home. Considered to be very fortunate, it adds to our fortune and brings pots of money in the house.

It should be kept in either east or north direction. 

Neem tree is a plant that is known for its medicinal properties. It not only cures the diseases but also brings activity and vitality to your house. It should be kept in the northwest corner according to vastu.

Tulsi, also known as basil, can be found in just about every house. It has been revered since forever and a day. It is not for nothing that it is worshipped. It is used in various meal and beverages too in our kitchen. As per vastu, it must be placed in north-east direction and north or east region.

Banana tree should also be included in our list of plants as it helps bring joy and peace. It is considered very holy, and must be placed in northeast direction. Also, it is used in many houses for serving food, especially down south.

Mango tree has various uses ranging from pooja, medicines to desserts. It is known as the king of fruits. It is considered extremely propitious.

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