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For eliminating all the defects of homes, offices or other spaces, we consult people using the Traditional Indian principles of vatsu to implement the remedies to bring harmony, peace and prosperity.  These changes according to vastu are capable of bringing positive transformations in the spaces. Creating great spaces with harmonious atmosphere is our expertise, which brings happiness and content. According to Vastu Shashtra the five elements of this universe are capable for doing both good and bad deeds which can be optimized to turn them in favor of happiness, peace and prosperity.

Consultancy for Existing Structures:

  • Derive a balance in your homes and offices by aligning the heavenly bodies and five key elements of the universe.
  • We help you to correct the vastu defects by opting for the remedies of each issue without structural demolition.
  • If you have any on-going project where you are facing problems of different types then you must surely consult us for tracing and rectifying the problems, which are creating the hindrance.

Consultancy for New Structures:

  • Selection of the most favorable space for your any sort of need
  • Analyzing, planning and designing the schemes / layout
  • Creating the 2D and 3D Architecture maps / drawings
  • Consultation for sustainable design development
  • Complete assistance in interiors, furniture and other fixtures
  • Suggestions for landscaping and plantation

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