Gaurav Vashishta

Ar. Gaurav Vashishta

B.Arch, PG-Vastu Science, Gold Medalist

10+ years of Experience

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta

Ph.D Vastu Shastra and Astrology, National level Award winner in Vastu

35+ years of Experience

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

Welcomes you to the Incredible Journey of Vastu Shastra

Several people today look for skilled Vastu Shastra Consultant who can genuinely guide them. Vaastu is the omen of positive vibes and abundance in people's lives. In Delhi, Koncept Vastu is one of the most professional and highly qualified Vaastu consultant. The norms and concepts of Vastu Shastra assist us in bringing serenity and prosperity into our lives. Our goal is to raise awareness about Vastu Shastra to bring a change in peoples' lives.

Koncept Vastu has been assisting society for a long time. Whether at home or office, you should place everything in the right direction; here, Vastu helps you. Our Vastu specialist has extensive knowledge and provides a comprehensive response to the public. Vastu shastra consultant in Delhi use a systematic process based on the Vaastu Principles to handle all types of difficulties of life.

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Importance of Directions in Vastu

According to the Vastu Shastra Expert In Delhi, Gurgaon people receive lasting blessings in prosperity, wellness, and happiness if they worship and revere the rulers of the eight directions. The eight directions are south, South-West, East, South-East, West, North-West, North, and North-East. Every Vastu direction corresponds to a distinct element and aspect of life.

When a structure gets built with the right Vastu direction, it removes several problems in their daily lives. For examining various factors in Vastu Shastra, it is crucial to know the direction building faces. Vastu Shastra gives significance to all such eight directions because they blend the results of the two directions into one.

Here's How Our Expert Vastu Consultants Work

Our Vastu Consultation Process is easy to understand. Following the correct procedure brings health, wealth, and prosperity to your place as quickly as feasible. It will assist you in increasing efficiency, increasing productivity, and reducing downtime. To make our process simple, our Vastu Consultant In Noida, Delhi follow the six steps given below.

Astrology Proposal
1. Proposal

The Vastu process starts with a site proposal. It will include information like the building size, its location, the number of floors, etc. Choose from various Vastu services, including on-site and email, Skype and WhatsApp consultations. Our Vastu Shastra Expert in Delhi assists you with the price when we have a thorough grasp of your requirements.

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2. Floor Plan & Details

To move on to the next level, we'll need a floor plan and all of the property's and occupant's data. In the case of an email discussion, we will request information on the site's surroundings. There will be a road, a river, a mountain, electric lines, trees, t-intersections, a religious site, and so on.

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3. Site Survey, Google Mapping

Taking a precise compass reading is one of the most crucial considerations when designing a Vastu plan for a home or office. Vastu analysis would be a guess without a correct compass reading. To get a very accurate reading, Vastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi double-check the measurement on the map with confirmation.

Astrology Proposal
4. Vastu Analysis & Evaluation

Our Vastu Consultant in Delhi use charts, bar charts, graphs, and grading tables to conduct a thorough study and evaluation. These strategies are intuitive, simple to apply, and highly effective.

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5. Report by Vastu Consultants

Our highly qualified Vastu Shastra Consultant work intensely to give you the correct analysis report. You will get a written report with remedies after three days of Online Vastu Consultation and seven days for a personal consultation.

Vastu Follow-up
6. Vastu Follow-up

We also offer a follow-up service that assesses the Vastu implementation's efficiency to our clients. It helps to maintain your faith in our services.

Meet Our Experts

Our professionals are attentive to each individual's concerns and pay careful attention to them. We ensure that all information remains confidential. We are not just Vastu professionals but also researchers in the domain. Our vastu consultant in Delhi analyze the current layout design of your residence or business. After that, they comprehend the current situation of your surroundings in several areas then suggest remedies.

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta is a founder of Koncept Vastu and is a well-known Vastu Expert In Delhi, with over thirty five years of counselling experience for homes, offices, businesses, and commercial buildings. He has been recommending effective Vastu cures for the spaces without causing extensive damage to the existing structures.

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha
Ar. Gaurav Vashishta

With over ten years of expertise, Ar. Gaurav Vashishta understands the customer's goal and delivers sustainable solutions for development in the professional, commercial, and housing areas. His skills and passions in architecture are diverse, and his knowledge of Vastu enables him to shape Vastu-compliant places.

Our Vastu Shastra Consultant Services

We are among the best Vastu Consultant in Delhi offers Vastu Shastra Consultancy Services to people who live in various locations. Vaastu Shastra Services elucidates the fundamental concept of planning building design and specific areas, such as offices, businesses, and interiors. It emphasizes keeping the balance in a place to get the most of it by energizing it.

For years of delivering services, we have set high-quality standards, reliability, and sincerity. So you want to eliminate any negative influences in your life or run your business in a positive and healthy ambience. If you say yes, Koncept Vastu is the ideal option for you. A few of our exclusive Vastu services are as follow:-

Vastu consultant

Expert Vastu Consultant In Noida

Koncept Vastu experts provide consultancy for offices, Home Design and Plans, Vastu for businesses, and much more. We ensure that firms and houses adhere to Vastu Shastra guidelines to bring success.

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Vastu Planning & Design

It is imperative to contact an expert Vastu architect when constructing a home, according to Vastu Shastra. The skilled Vastu architect knows about Vastu for offices, Home Design and Plans, businesses, and other things.

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Architectural Services

Koncept Vastu provides Vastu architecture for houses, flats, offices, and other private and commercial spaces. Our Vastu-based house and apartment designs enable our clients to achieve good wellness, affluence, happiness, and tranquillity.

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Astrology Vastu Shastra

Best Astrology and Vastu Shastra expert in Delhi who gives solutions without destruction.

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Vastu For Office

As we all know that Finance plays a very important role in all kinds of business. To maintain the financial flow in your business one must follow Vastu For Office tips, and one must consider having a counseling session with a Famous Vastu Consultant.

Vastu consultant

Vastu for Factory

As per Vastu For Factory Tips, Vastu ensures to provide successful running of the business which can also lead to better & huge productions and more earning potential. There are many other things that are needed to be considered while setting up your Factory.

Our Verticals

Troubles can come uninvited in our life at any time. Don't panic! Consult our Vastu Shastra Consultant in Delhi to get rid of adverse circumstances. Check out the below listed few of our verticals.

















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<Vastu Shastra consultant>

I discovered Koncept Vastu Experts counsel exceptionally down to earth and simple to execute. In my view, they carry an extraordinary point of view to their customers, as they join a cutting edge standpoint and information on the expert world with their experience of Vaastu to give arrangements, which work in the present-day work and home situations. This was particularly significant for an expert like me as it would not be simple or practical for me to execute arrangements that were excessively "conventional".

Shantanu Prakash (Chairman at Fliplearn)

<Vastu Shastra consultant>

One of my workplaces' passage was confronting South-West. As indicated by Vastu we lose magnetic and sunlight based energy through the South-West region. Also, I couldn't close that region since it confronted the principal street. Be that as it may, when Koncept Vastu Experts Guided me and gave me the direction, in such a way, I started to see positive outcomes. It helped me in accomplishing both fame and deals. It truly changed the face of my business.

Rocky Sagoo (Founder at Peptalk)

<Vastu Shastra consultant>

We are into the business of Girls Clothing Store and there was nothing that I could state was wrong in my place of business yet something was out of mind. Koncept Vastu came like a blessed messenger and tackled my concern just by guiding the direction and from that point forward I am easily working very smoothly at my tasks without any worries.

Dheeraj Narang (Founder at Incense)

<Vastu Shastra consultant>

I always consult Koncept Vastu team whenever we go for a new property or place. Nice professionals with a practical approach to vastu and design. I am very happy with my newest resorts they have commenced.

Vijay Bhatia (Founder-Surbee at Group of Resorts)

<Vastu Shastra consultant>

Koncept Vastu Team is very professional and experienced with Vatsu and Architecture, anyone wants complete solution under one roof, they are doing the same. I would recommend people to consult for vastu to live in peace and prosperity.

Satya Prakash Shokeen (Director at Shokeen Group)

<Vastu Shastra consultant>

Koncept Vastu is a great team of young and smart architects with a legacy more than 25 years of Vastu, which makes them do excellent work. I have consulted them and they just made few changes in my office, now its been 2 years and I have doing very well since then.

Ramon LLamba (Life coach and business coach at Golden age transformation)

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