Gaurav Vashishta

Ar. Gaurav Vashishta

B.Arch, PG-Vastu Science, Gold Medalist

10+ years of Experience

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta

Ph.D Vastu Shastra and Astrology, National level Award winner in Vastu

35+ years of Experience

Koncept Vastu is an amalgamated Vastu and architecture firm, which is into designing and creating modern spaces, which are compliant with Vastu. We understand the need for creating harmony between the five elements of the universe with the spaces where live or work. Vastu, when mixed with modern architecture, can do wonders by bringing positive energy happiness, prosperity, and peace to a living place. A property which not Vastu-compliant can bring dis-pleasures to people who are living or working there. Serious health concerns like blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, insomnia, etc, as well as other serious problems such as financial issues, relationship troubles, and professional hurdles, are very common. Small corrections in your home or office can bring good luck and prosperity.

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (Ph.D., Vastu Expert) – Founder

Founder of Koncept VastuDr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha is a renowned Vastu Expert in India with more than two and half decades of experience in consulting and implementing Vastu in homes, offices, industries and commercial spaces. He has been consulting and suggesting correct vatu remedies to the spaces without much demolition of the existing properties. He has been phenomenal in his profession with his intuitive personality, knowledge, and wisdom offering perfect remedies/solutions. He has consulted many renowned businesspersons, politicians, industrialists and many other successful people who understood the value of Vastu in their life. His down-to-earth nature has earned him followers and long-term relationships with his clients who keep on following his tips and suggestions. His immense industry knowledge and practical approach have earned him numerous accolades, awards, certificates, and praises globally.

Ar. Gaurav Vashishta (B. Arch, Vastu Expert) – Co-Founder

A consultant, designer, and architect, Ar. Gaurav Vashishta with his 10 plus years of experience comprehends the client’s vision without a glitch and provides solutions for sustainable development in corporate, industrial and residential sectors. In the field of architecture, his expertise and interests have a very wide range and his knowledge of Vastu enables him to create Vastu compliant spaces. Leading complex teams to the successful execution of projects from time to time is his task in the projects he undertakes. With his passion for innovation and the utmost care, he ensures the successful delivery of projects as it is seen in our successfully finished projects. Time and again, he amuses people by transforming a conceptual design to a beautifully completed project in no time at all. With his great technical expertise, he can create an amalgamation of experimental design and requirements to form a successfully built project. With his high levels of competence, he has brought recognition to the organization.