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Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (30+ years of Experience)

We understand the benefits of Vastu Shastra and astrology in our lives. It is important to note that both Vastu Shastra and astrology are inter-related. Vastu Shastra is an architectural style where the 5 fundamental elements of nature (earth, water, air, space, fire) play an important part. Besides the 5 basic elements of nature, Vastu is associated with directions. There are 8 directions in this context. Therefore, Vastu Shastra is all about the placement of various items according to directions. On the contrary, astrology is all about the position of different planets in the solar system. The sun rises in the east is a universal truth. Therefore, while placing different items as per directions, our choice is eastwards. The majority of households prefer placing various mythological items towards the east.

Koncept Vastu Offers High-Quality Services to Clients

The relation between Vastu Shastra and astrology is quite significant. Therefore, many people prefer to consult with the Vastu consultants and astrologers at Koncept Vastu prior to making any investments in apartments, houses, factories. Koncept Vastu is an acclaimed firm that offers high-quality Vastu services to its clients, customers. The business maintains a website where it highlights the different services it offers to its customers, clients.

Astrology Vastu Shastra

Astrology Vastu Shastra mixes both astrology and Vastu sciences. The objective of Astrology Vastu Shastra is to create spaces that impact satisfaction to the residents. Such services also help the customers to focus on the appropriate placement of household objects. Many believe that by doing so the home interiors are filled with positive energies. Astrology Vastu consultants are very much in demand. Modern structures and designs use the principles of Vastu extensively. At Koncept Vastu, we offer services that are focused to get rid of Vastu defects that are associated with structures and designs. Whether your house is old or new, our astrology Vastu services not just enhance the appearance of the house, at the same time make it comfortable for the residents.

At Koncept Vastu we have expert Vastu consultants who have a lucid understanding of Astrology as well as Vastu Shastra. These professionals explain the different concepts of astrology and Vastu Shastra to the clients or customers. For additional information on Astrological and Vastu Shastra services rendered by Koncept Vastu, visit the business, online at
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