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Vastu Tips For Factory - Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha Provides Expert Advice

Factories are the base of industrial businesses. From production to the final distribution of industrial and consumer goods, factories remain inevitable. Since it is such a valuable premise for a company to grow and prospect in the context of wealth, Vastu for Factory requirements among entrepreneurs is widely increasing. Since the establishment, Koncept Vastu, a one-stop online solution to obtain Vastu Shastra for factory consultancy services, many businesses have obtained the prodigy that is the gift of the science of architecture. Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha, the founder of Koncept Vastu, provides expert advice on how factories can make the most of their space and ensure healthy profits through Vastu tips for factory service, give us a call or drop us an email!

Vastu For Factory

Why choose Koncept Vastu for Factory?

Founder of Koncept Vastu – Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha strongly believes that a factor’s location, internal design, placement of machinery, and other aspects remain the settlers of how the factory will prosper in the future. In the long-running scripters of traditional practices of Vastu shastra, it is believed that a factory (or any other place) is an element made of five elements, i.e.., water, air, earth, fire, and space. However, a factory holds on to the 100% potential of growth and development if all the five elements are put in the right place, at the right time, and in the right manner.

Henceforth, Vastu Shastra for Factory is one significant step towards the origination of a business that will go on for generations with uplifting growth only. Therefore, Koncept Vastu presents Vastu advice for factory service packages online. On our website, you can converse about your major concerns about the location of the factory that you are planning to purchase. Further ahead, our Online Vastu Consultant reach out to you with various Vastu shastra service alternatives you can pick.

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At Koncept Vastu, we entirely strategize the Vastu for factory procedure so that we can cover all possible aspects of the factory, including internal designing, wall paint, the position of machinery, opening and closing time for factory, and whatnot! Here’s a glimpse of our rudimentary procedure:

Review Your Proposal

Are you interested in Vastu shastra's advice for the factory? You can drop your proposal online. At Koncept Vastu, we thoroughly read and interpret your proposal and figure out in what aspect of Vastu your workplace may be lacking. Henceforth, when the review is done, we provide you with a perfect package that will cover all your Vastu requirements for the factory including:

  • Water infrastructure
  • Placement of machinery
  • Placement of temple
  • Office infrastructure
  • Entrance size, direction, and placement

Create/Review a floor plan

Do you have your factory’s floor plan ready? If yes, then you can accede it online. At Koncept Vastu, 100% trained and highly experienced Vastu Shastra for industrial area experts dive into all possible details of your floor plan that can impact your revenue growth positively or negatively.

After a complete review, we make strong suggestions for changes in the floor plan which can help you place the prosperity remark in the heart of the premises.

Personnel Site Survey

Koncept Vastu operates online in order to provide services easily to the clientele who desire to get quick advice on what they are doing? If it is right or wrong. However, for clientele who require complete Vastu for factory design, placements, and other services, we make certain to check and inspect the factory location in person.

Our experts catch every small detail of the premises so that no risk of Vastu remains unresolved.

Want to know more about Vastu for Factory? Submit your factory proposal today and get your first free consultancy update within minutes.

The Benefits Of Taking A Vastu Consultation For Factory

Before moving into a building, commercial or residential, it’s always good to make sure that everything is in order so you don’t experience any difficulties later on down the road. This is where having an expert Vastu Consultants In Delhi comes in handy because they can help point out any problem areas and give you advice on how to solve them. Not only that, but a reputable expert will be able to suggest ways for you to improve your situation and elevate your health as well as prosperity overall. During a consultation, Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha may also be able to tell whether or not certain changes need to be made for success or if some unforeseen event could occur (such as an accident or illness) based on how a particular area is set up at present time.

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (Ph.D., Vastu Expert)

Ph.D Vastu Shastra and Astrology, National level Award winner in Vastu

(30+ years of Experience)

Hari Prakash Vashistha

Dr. Gaurav Vashishta (B. Arch, Vastu Expert)

B.Arch, PG-Vastu Science, Gold Medalist

(10+ years of Experience)

Gaurav Vashishta

How To Design A New Factory?

Many aspects come into play when you are designing a new factory. While all of these things can have an impact on your business’s bottom line, it’s important to understand that not every element should be taken into consideration for every building design. The location of your new building, for example, is not going to change much from project to project; however, where machinery will be placed and how workers will move throughout your new space will change as needs and preferences change with each company and owner. Various factors make up Vastu for factory and Koncept Vastu is here to help you through each phase of creating a favorable environment inside your factory using our Vastu Consultants In Noida services online at an affordable cost. Contact us today for pricing and more information about Vastu tips for factory.

Draw Your Complete Factory Layout With Dimensions marked on Blank Paper With Pen/Pencil.

vastu tips for factory plans vastu for factory plans

Defining The Floor Plan Of The Building

The first step in designing a factory is to define its floor plan, which includes several details such as optimal use of available space, arranging materials, creating access and energy supply routes, etc. Defining these factors beforehand can help make your business more productive. To find out if your current location has already been identified for industrial purposes or not, contact your local municipal office or department of public works and utilities to confirm whether zoning allows for production-related activities on-site. If it does not allow for industry-specific uses then you can still apply for a permit but will have to build from scratch rather than converting an existing building like a warehouse or office structure into a factory.

Applying The Principles Of Vastu In The Layout Of Machines

When it comes to Factory Vastu and industrial Vastu, every factor is considered from a design perspective. Such factors include structure, location, height, and positioning of machines in a factory or factory unit concerning their impact on the overall functioning of the company. Even employees are advised to keep their chairs in such positions that do not obstruct them from seeing their superior or other colleagues around them. Allowing for positive energy flow through proper positioning of individuals and machinery is an essential element for any successful business venture in India, according to Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha, who works extensively on related issues including Vastu Shastra Consultancy Service Packages at Koncept Vastu.

3D Floor Plans And Interior Design Service That I Can Offer

Design a factory by advising its location, entrance, shape, and more on Vastu tips for factory service is one of our eminent services. We will look after your entire production process and make it successful with proper planning and management with Vastu for factory service online. With our guidance in Vastu tips for factory service online you can avoid mishaps before they occur or during the running time while making optimum utilization of space & resources available to you within a budget so that your business can scale new heights of success. Do you want to get maximum profit from your shop/store? If yes then get Vastu tips for the store in Delhi now. This is because the right store floor plan design helps maximize sales and profits at a lower cost of operation as compared to other commercial properties. The old saying goes, Buildings Don’t Make Businesses; People Make Businesses – So let us connect with Koncept Vastu.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring An Architect To Design My Factory?

There are numerous advantages of hiring an architect to design your factory, especially when you're starting a new business. Of course, with so many architects on board today, it's not easy for you to choose which one is best for your business. What then can you do? Well, we have a solution for that! Koncept Vastu offers expert guidance in Vastu services and Vastu Consultations In Gurgaon for factories (and factories only!).

Some Important Questions to Ask During The Walk Through

  • Are you opening a new factory or expanding your existing one?
  • Do all of your employees have proper safety training and machinery experience? If not, how will they be trained in time for open day?
  • How will you keep your building up to date with trends and technology?

Welcome To My Company! Here Is How Our Office Functions Today

A great deal of effort goes into creating an office that functions in a way that helps boost productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. It’s not enough to simply throw desks and chairs into a room. There needs to be thought put into how employees should be interacting with each other as well as with their equipment and spaces to create an environment conducive to success. Check out our offices today, here at Koncept Vastu!

Why Consider Taking The Help Of A Company Specialized In Corporate Branding And Marketing?

According to experts, branding is important for any business as it helps in determining its market value and ensures that the message that is being conveyed to the audience remains firm on their minds. It can also assist in encouraging more clients and customers towards a particular brand and thus helps in expanding its customer base. A company specialized in corporate branding and marketing can help any business achieve these objectives by putting forth great branding strategies as well as a brand name that sticks out from others around it. Thus, if you are looking for quality solutions when it comes to your corporate branding needs, then contact Koncept Vastu today!


To continue to grow and prosper, a factory must keep its occupants safe, healthy, and happy. A quality place of work is a cornerstone of any successful business venture; if your workers feel stressed or unhappy with their jobs, your factory will suffer from low productivity as well as high turnover rates in employees. If you need expert advice on how to design your factory for maximum profitability and minimal disruption of workflow, contact Koncept Vastu For Factory today. Whether you’re looking to build an entirely new complex or just fix up a few office spaces that are going downhill fast, our vast experience in both renovation work and factory management makes us an ideal choice for all varieties of industrial design work.

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