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Power of Koncept Vastu

Koncept Vastu is an amalgamated Vastu and Architecture firm, renowned for designing and creating Vastu compliant modern spaces. We strive for perfection at every level and bring positive energy in your space. Vastu-compliant properties bring better health, financial stability, and partnership success. Any non-compliant property can bring serious health issue, stress due to unexpected troubles.

After commendable 30+ years of delivering successful projects, Koncept Vastu now brings you simple yet immensely powerful
Personalized Vastu Report that is tailor made basis your space and requirements.

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The usual fee for the PERSONALIZED VASTU REPORT is 4,999/- Onwards Plus Taxes,
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4,999/- 1,199/- + GST Onwards

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Embrace the transformation Trusted & applied by thousands of people successfully.

Vastu Shastra is the secret science that has been followed for thousands of years and is evident in all the historical monuments. Now the ancient secret is available for you to bring happiness and prosperity into your life. Just imagine living a life where you can live your dreams and cherish all the richness of life. 

With the “Personalized Vastu Report” you can learn to align the source of various energies and make them work in synergy for you.

All you have to do is FILL THE FORM NOW:

If you have a floor plan then upload picture of floor plan

If you don't have a floor plan then follow these steps

Don’t miss out the huge discount and BOOK your PERSONALIZED VASTU REPORT NOW

We will craft the PERSONALIZED VASTU REPORT with Simple, Practical, Powerful and Personalized Vastu solutions to will help you to reform the 6 core areas of your life.




Family Bond

Mental Peace

Social Relation

Why you need Personalized Vastu Report?

You can be from any profession or any gender, Be it a businessman, service professional, student, housemaker, or just someone who is hard working and still waiting for the results of their hard work. You can immensely benefit from this personality Vastu Report and learn to align your Karma with the energies that surround you to a attract whatever we want in our life.

Embrace the power of Vastu and achieve bigger results of your hard work.

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“For the miracles to happen, you need to first believe in them!”

Does this work?

Researchers have proved that a positive environment and a good vibe can have a major impact on the success of an individual. As part of Vastu Shastra, various energies including solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, and wind energy play an important role in creating a nurturing environment. By going against Vastu principles, you make these forces disrupt harmony in your life AND balancing these energies can enhance Peace, prosperity, and success in your life.

A Vastu compliant space can help you get rid of all negative energies that are forcing you to struggle, are causing mental stress or physical illness.

What you receive

Coherent Vastu Plan:

You will receive an easy to understand Vastu compliant floor plan with changes that can be conveniently applied with NO DEMOLITION.

Effective Solution Plan:

Detailed representation of the strength and weakness of the Vastu energy fields in the overall floor plan along with indicative changes.

Personalized Remedy Plan:

This report is a result of tailor made calculation created using your information of space, hence the solutions will perfectly fit your needs.

Comprehensive Action Plan:

Detailed suggestions for increasing the Vastu energies for more positivity in your space with changes including color schemes, furniture arrangements etc.

If you're facing problems in your life. You can share your issues with us and we provide you a report regarding your problems.

Your actions will drive the result

We believe that determination and hard work is the ultimate key to success. However, there are road blocks that can hamper your journey and that is when the Personalized Vastu Report comes in handy. The remedies and suggestions given in this report will help you clear obstacles in your life.

Are you passionate about your life?

The results are driven solely by your actions/Karma. The power to change your life lies within you, We can show you the road but it is you who will have to walk on it.

Meet Our Vastu Coaches


Ph.D., Vastu Expert (Director)

A renowned Vastu Expert in India with 30+ years’ experience in consulting and implementing Vastu for homes, offices, industries and commercial spaces. His immense industry knowledge and practical approach have earned him numerous accolades, awards, certificates, and praises globally. A few of his accolades and awards are Raajdhani Ratan Saman – 2005, Raajdhani Gourav Saman -2007, Jansanskriti Rajdhani Gaurav Samman 2008.

Ar. Gaurav Vashishta

B. Arch, PG-Vastu Expert (Director)

He has the expertise of more than 10 years in Vastu Shastra solutions in line with the client's vision. Providing high-quality, confidential, and authentic Vastu Shastra services. Awarded multiple awards in his field for delivering immaculate projects. With an innate knowledge of Vastu, he has successfully delivered holistic Vastu design with technologies, methods, and products to enhance the quality of spiritual, emotional, and mental life. He has been honoured with many awards like 50 UNDER 50 BEST ARCHITECTS INDIA 2021, Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Award & Conference 2021 and Top and Most Promising Vastu Consultancy, Architecture & Design Firm of the Year 2021 to name a few.


Top and Most Promising Vastu Consultancy, Architecture & Design Firm of the Year 2021

Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Award & Conference 2021

Raajdhani Ratan Saman - 2005

Raajdhani Gourav Saman -2007


Jansanskriti Rajdhani Gaurav Samman 2008

A special offer for

The usual fee for the PERSONALIZED VASTU REPORT is  4,999/- onwards Plus Taxes,


We have seen the results and lives PERSONALIZED VASTU REPORT has changed.

So for a limited period, you can avail of PERSONALIZED VASTU REPORT

for a nominal price 4,999/ 1199/- + GST Onwards

Consider this amount as the token of respect to my team that has worked untiringly to create this powerful plan for you.

Those who register today will also receive a BONUS OFFER

Now You Have 2 Options

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We conveniently put so much money on things that are momentary. Be it 500/- for a pizza or 100/- for a bar of chocolate, we end up spending thousands of rupees on things that last for a few seconds.

Option 2 : Invest

With Personalized Vastu Report you can now achieve long-lasting happiness and prosperity in your life. The real VALUE FOR MONEY. The key to your happiness is in your own hands, grab it today and open the doors to a happy life.

Meet the people who believed in the power of koncept vastu

Frequently Asked Questions

Every aspect of your life is impacted by the energy generated in your space. You live in an environment that has a science behind it. Vastu Shastra can help you create balance in the surrounding energies and live a happier, healthier life. Countless people have benefitted from this centuries old science.

Our mind is the supreme power and your thoughts create your experiences. Begin your Vastu remedy plan with complete trust and we assure you that it will work miraculously.

The property you occupy has elements that drive the circumstances in your life. Our Personalized Vastu Report offers hassle free and quick solution that involve no demolition thus you can use this at owned as well as rented property.

Absolutely. You can get rid of all the negative energy causing troubles in your life with Personalized Vastu Report. The level of happiness and prosperity you achieve is worth much more then the money you spend.

As long as the suggested Vastu remedies are applied correctly, you will start seeing results within a month. However the duration is also effected by the severity of the Vastu defect and receptivity of the land.

Consider the direction of the main entrance. You should hold your compass or phone flat against your body, with your back to the front door. Keep following the directions as showing on compass. You can also refer to our images that gives you simple steps to locate directions as per Vastu.

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