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Vastu Tips For Office

"Office” is often the beginning of hope that you put into your business idea. When you, as an entrepreneur, put your idea of business into work, the office is the first step to it. Thus, you must want everything to be perfect, not just in the context of designing but also aligned to the guidelines of “Vastu for Office.” According to the well-sustained culture of Vastu shastra in India, the position of any or every infrastructure in the world decides the fortune of people that reside in its core. And it is one of the reasons why Vastu for Office grasps more and more significance among those who are desirous of ever-growing business. At Koncept Vastu, we welcome business enthusiasts who desire to begin their journey of good fortune with the science of architecture, a.k.a. Vastu Shastra.

At Koncept Vastu, Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishtha is the Vastu Expert In India with 30 years of experience in consulting and implementing an ideal Vastu-based workplace that allows the owner to welcome “Laxmi,” i.e.., the goddess of wealth and good fortune.

Vastu For Office

How to Bring Prosperity at Work with Vastu Tips

What is Vastu Tips? They are simple yet powerful tips based on the ancient Indian Vastu Shastra which can bring prosperity to the workplace and create a comfortable environment in your office. Are you looking to bring good luck, health, prosperity, and success to the workplace? Then don’t forget to read this article. Here I have shared the top 10 Vastu tips that will help you to bring prosperity to the workplace along with the photo illustration of these Vastu Tips.

Top 10 Vastu Tips For Office

Here are ten simple but effective Vastu tips for the office which will help you to make your workplace prosperous. Proper use of Vastu principles is essential for getting a positive energy flow and maximizing productivity. Whether it is a place of work or home, keeping your mind fresh, by following the below-mentioned Vastu tips can bring many benefits in your life as well as in your business. By following these simple suggestions, we can easily change our surroundings from negative energy to positive and also help others do so. Here are the top 10 effective ways that I follow

Vastu For Office

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1. North-East Corner

This is an auspicious corner and it is recommended to keep all important office items such as computers, Money Safe, etc. in this corner of Office. You can also place a Cactus Plant in your office if you want more prosperity. This will create positive energy in your North-East Corner and bring Growth and Prosperity to your Office.

2. Correct Office Entrance Door

The main door of a building is considered as a connecting point between two energies. According to Vastu, The entrance door should be on your right if you are facing it. Keep doors closed when not in use and avoid placing heavy furniture near them. It also ensures prosperity at work, improves communication, and reduces stress levels.

Vastu For Best Office Entrance Door

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3. Vastu Tips For Boss Cabin

he northeast corner of a room is best suited for a boss cabin. Vastu believes that since it is the least used corner in any room, it offers protection against evil spirits or negative energies. It would be wise not to put your computer on that particular part of your desk as it may create problems like frequent computer breakdowns and bad health. The northeast is usually kept empty as per Vastu principles.

Vastu Tips For Boss cabin

4. Vastu for a Mandir in the Office

According to Vastu shastra, a Mandir should be built in the North-West corner of your office. In your office Mandir, you can worship any Hindu God/Goddess or Lord Ganesha as per your wish. There should not be any water bodies nearby and it will not be good if there is a boundary wall in the West or South directions of your Office Mandir.

5. Vastu Tips for The Best Office Seating Arrangement

The flow of energy must be observed when placing your desk in your office or home. Proper placement of furniture will ensure you have smooth work and increase productivity. Several things must be done according to Vastu principles for seating arrangement in an office.

Vastu For Office

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6. Desk Placement

onsider your desk location when placing your workstation. Don’t put it in a place where the light will hit you directly, and keep it away from doors or windows so that you don’t feel a draft. You should be able to see your computer screen without turning your head more than 45 degrees from the normal position. It is also advised that when working on important documents or projects, you should sit in front of a blank wall so that nothing distracts you while thinking creatively.

Vastu For Office Desk Placement

7. Vastu Tips for Choosing Office Paintings

When choosing paintings for your office, you have a couple of options. You can go conventional and choose photos of plants or natural scenes that make you feel relaxed. Alternatively, you can use abstract artwork in sleek frames to complement your modern decor. The most important thing is that these paintings work well with your other office furniture pieces and make a statement about who you are as an individual or as a company. Use color schemes in the art to express something about yourself or a particular brand message that you want everyone to see.

8. Vastu Plants for the Office

The right plants in your office can bring in positive energy and encourage your colleagues to be more productive. Here are some suggestions on which kinds of plants you should place according to their direction.

East - gerberas, poinsettias, and peace lilies

North - pothos, ivy, vincas

West - succulents like aloe vera

South - lilies

Center - African violets or bonsai trees

If you don’t have much space, keep a container garden in a corner.

Vastu Tips For Office Plants

9. Vastu for the Office Restroom

If you work in an office, you’re probably spending a fair amount of time in your office restroom. It’s best to have your restroom face East for good luck. If you absolutely must have it face another direction, make sure it faces North or South.

Vastu For Office

10. Alignment of Furniture & Appliances

This is one of the most important tips that you should follow. Keep your desk and office chair parallel to each other and place them in a north-south direction, not in an east-west position. Make sure that all furniture & appliances are placed symmetrically (balance) around your office workspace. It is good if furniture & appliance have their own space and privacy.

Alignment of Furniture & Appliances

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Don't want to lose any chance of success? Vastu for Office consultants is round-o-clock available online to help you. It is a quick process. You can submit an online proposal by providing basic information about your office. In return, our consultant will provide you with a proper package. Does the package cover what aspects of the office will be covered? For example, seating arrangement, office entrance, place of finance, etc.

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (Ph.D., Vastu Expert)

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Hari Prakash Vashistha

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In-depth detailed floor plan

At Koncept Vastu, Vastu for Office service begins with our experts examining your office’s current floor plan. Not only do our experts ensure to cover the internal infrastructure of the office building, but they also take a conceivable notion of the office’s surroundings.

We reach you for a site survey

While obtaining successful Vastu for Office, we do not leave any chances to bring good fortune and holistic vibes to your workplace. Thus, our team of consultants personally visit your site for an in-depth survey that allows them to get a good look at the location. By noting down every aspect of your office, such as the current seating arrangement and color on the walls, we help you move into the future with zero Vastu risks.

A final "Vastu for office" plan

After days of evaluation and persistent analysis of your office's current Vastu condition, we create a final office Vastu shastra blueprint specifically based on your scenario. Moreover, our Vastu experts take extra miles to make certain that the Vastu shastra plan proposal for your office from Koncept Vastu’s end promises great prospects of financial and professional gains.

"Koncept Vastu team strongly believes in maintaining long-term professional relationships with clientele. We at Koncept Vastu remain round-o-clock available in the event that you add a new floor plan, construction plan, internal design, or any change to your office. Remember, every change in your office makes a difference in its financial growth!"

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Vastu for Office - Bonus takeaways!

  • Do you know? According to Vastu shastra, the green color is the most auspicious color for the workplace as it brings all the professional people within the workplace together and boosts teamwork which automatically leads to growth of revenue.
  • Vastu Shastra states that workplace elevators shall not have mirrors on the left side as it creates negative energy that surrounds everyone.

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