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Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (30+ years of Experience)

A well-known shop is mostly identified by its name which can only be achieved if the shop is developed or managed according to the Vastu For Shop principles. In today’s time, building a well-known shop brand is difficult that is why most people are running after the Vastu Consultant for Shop.

To run a successful shop and business in today’s competitive world, it has become compulsory to have proper guidance with the help of Vastu Shastra Consultant. It is also found that Vastu Tips from Vastu Consultant helps to bring success, happiness and joy to your life and it brings positivity & peacefulness as well. Therefore, here are some of the key points that should be kept in mind before planning and managing a place for your business.

Tips for Vastu for Shop that You Must Follow

  •  As per Famous Vastu Consultant, A perfect shop must be built in a square or rectangular shape or have a front larger than the back.

  •  Triangular or shops with an unpredictable shape or those with a short front and broader back must be ignored as they lead to financial misfortunes and mental stress.

  •  There must be no inclination towards the path of the shop, as it is viewed as unfortunate and decreases the advantages as indicated by the Vastu for Shop.

  •  The entry must be open and should not be decorated with items that are similar to trees. These things make very bad effects on shops, which results in negative issues in business.

  •  There must be no open sewage before the shop, as it causes a loss of money. Indeed, even resting water in front is not considered as a good sign by the Vastu for Shop tips and tricks.

  •  Also, there must be no garbage in front of the primary entryway of the shop, as it discourages the passage of positive energy.

  •  Vastu Consultant suggests that the north-east zone must never be over-occupied, as it is the special space of the shop. It must be kept vacant and clean. A beautiful fountain can be perfect for this area.

  •  The money counter must be opened towards the north so that the face of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth guarantees that the money box is never left empty.

  • Famous Vastu Consultant suggests that the counter of a shop must be pointed and should not be in a bending or round shape. It must be set in the south-east or south-west directions.

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