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Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (30+ years of Experience)

Irrespective of the business type, shops and commercial complexes are using Vastu architecture in their design and construction. While building a commercial structure it is important to follow the Vastu principles. Many believe that adhering to the correct Vastu principles while doing house construction leads to profitable ventures. It is also believed that the correct Vastu designs brings prosperity to a business, the use of the various Vastu principles helps to channelize positive energy appropriately through a room. Prior constructing a house using the most appropriate Vastu principles it is important to focus on plot selection. There may be different types of commercial buildings but the basic principles of Vastu Shastra that are used for the construction of the structures are the same.


Koncept Vastu Creates Commercial Structures Using Vastu Architectures


Small towns and cities are nowadays getting transformed into big cities. With population rise there arises a need to construct more commercial buildings. Commercial spaces are now a necessity. The prices of various building materials and commodities are always on the rise. The builders try to make sure that they use every bit of available space while constructing commercial complexes. While doing so, situations may be created when the Vastu principles cannot be followed. However, the skilled and experienced Vastu experts at Koncept Vastu follows majority of the Vastu principles while creating modern structures.


Designs of Modern Commercial Constructions Adhere to Vastu Principles


Modern businesses use different Vastu Shastra principles in creating business infrastructures. Many businesspersons are of the opinion that if commercial complexes do not adhere to the Vastu principles then the shop owner can suffer from loss in profits. It is important that constructions that adhere to various Vastu principles are more in demand than structures which are plain and does not incorporate Vastu for commercial site in their designs. Many are of the opinion that if Vastu principles are not adhered to then despite spending huge amounts of money in construction of commercial complexes, desired profits may not be achieved. Modern business persons have the belief that Vastu for office help them to counter all perils. The different benefits of Vastu Shastra for commercial complex have often remained the dictating terms to make commercial building construction comply with various Vastu principles.


In this context, Koncept Vastu is an acclaimed business which maintains its website highlighting its services. Customers can use to visit the business, seek consultancy services from expert Vastu architects.


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