Vastu for Residential

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Vastu refers to a dwelling place. Initially it was used to refer to homes of God and that of the humans. With the passage of time, it has been associated to the design of a structure and the right place. While building as home of your dreams it is essential to follow Vastu Shastra  for home. Energy coming from the atmosphere like the solar energy from the sun, lunar energy, cosmic energy, magnetic energy, thermal energy, wind energy, light energy depends entirely on Vastu Shastra.


The benefit of following the Vastu Shastra tips for home is that all these energies can easily be balanced so that peace, success and prosperity are there in a house. There is no denying to the fact that a house that follows the principles has members who enjoy all the worldly pleasures and happiness in their life. The principles of Vastu Shastra for home helps to transform a plot into a healthy building so that wealth, health and well-being of the people are promoted.


The problems that one might have to encounter if a house is constructed against the Vastu are that worries, problems and lack of peace will plague the house. If in case the construction of a house is weak the Vastu is also weak. On the other hand, if the basic vastu for home is strong then it is quite obvious that the place is perfect to live in. Earth, fire, air, space and water comprise a world. If all these are in equilibrium, positive energy persists in a place. Positive energy is essential for a peaceful and heavenly abode. Basic Vastu for home helps to maintain this positive energy. If there is a lack of balance in a place like a house where people dwell, there can be stress, tension and other problems every now and then.


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