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Attract Abundance, Wealth, Happiness & Good Health in You Life with Our Online Vastu Consultant

For decades people have benefited from the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, a 5000-year-old Indian knowledge about architecture, environment and human behaviours. The most important thing you should know is that there is nothing that cannot be solved by applying Vastu Shastra in your life.

Koncept Vastu offers customised and personalised consultation by our experienced online Vastu experts. We provide services to our clients at the most affordable price in Delhi and NCR as we believe everybody has the right to get the best services for his home/office, so don't wait to visit us today.

Our in-house team of online Vastu consultants, architects and designers have designed and counselled several projects for our clients, thereby crafting a successful career for 30+ years. We strive for perfection at every level, bringing positive energy to your space with our personalised Vastu reports.

You May Not Know What's Holding You Back, But Our Online Vastu Experts Can Tell You

At Koncept Vastu, we provide results-driven online Vastu consultation services. Our Vastu experts will study your home and office structure, perform a detailed analysis to determine the best way to make it energy-efficient and help you attract abundance, wealth, happiness and good health in your life.

Our online Vastu experts are here to help you find solutions to your problems. With the abundance of negative energies around us, we must start engaging with positive energy to get the luck flowing in our life!

Meet Our Online Vastu Experts

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashishta (Ph.D., Vastu Expert)

Ph.D Vastu Shastra and Astrology, National level Award winner in Vastu

(30+ years of Experience)

Dr. Hari Prakash Vashistha

Ar. Gaurav Vashishta (B. Arch, Vastu Expert)

B.Arch, PG-Vastu Science, Gold Medalist

(10+ years of Experience)

Ar. Gaurav Vashistha

Achieve Success in Life with India’s Best Online Vastu Consultant

Make your Surrounding Safe & Prosperous with a Personalized Vastu Report

Online Vastu consultant gives you a clear direction on what is missing in your life to quickly improve your quality of life and achieve a state of happiness.

Imagine living life fuller than ever before.

Imagine having a lifestyle that brings you happiness, prosperity and all the richness of life.

Is this possible?

If yes, how?

Well, it’s possible with Koncept online Vastu consultants. Vastu Shastra is the “Science of Living''; the ancient secret helps you create the life you dream about by living in harmony with nature.

Our online Vastu consultants incorporate the principles of Vastu shastra into their work and help clients make their lives better by applying this ancient science.

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Here is what you’ll get with this report,

  • Coherent Vastu Plan addressing your Concerns
  • Practical Solutions to your Problems
  • Tailor-made Personalized Remedy Plan
  • Comprehensive Action Plan to Increase Vastu Energies

Connect with our online Vastu experts and get a personality report to help you find your strengths, weaknesses, and potential. This report can help improve your life and give you the confidence to connect with yourself and others positively.

Get Can Help You Find What's Missing

When you enter a house, it is not just the construction or the colour of walls that matters but how these elements are put together. And if one is not put together correctly, even after spending millions of dollars on luxurious furniture and modern amenities, there will be a lack of harmony in life and a lack of fulfillment in life, and this has been proven by thousands of people who follow Vastu Shastra guidelines religiously.

Do you feel something is missing from your life?

Are you stuck in a rut & don't know what to do about it?

Is there something holding you back from your true potential?

Do you want to Identify the Causes of Success or Failure in Life?

If yes, don’t worry!

Koncept online Vastu experts help you find what's missing and unlock the door to success. We can help you find solutions to the following concerns!

vastu for health


vastu for health


vastu for health


vastu for health

Family Bond

vastu for health

Mental Peace

vastu for health

Social Relation

The Personalized online Vastu consultation will help you align the source of various energies so that they work in synergy for you and give you the space to embrace the transformation.

Trusted by Thousands for a Better Living, Now it’s your turn!

The knowledge is there, and you need to align your Karma to the energies surrounding you. Our online Vastu expert at Koncept Vastu provides a detailed report based on your birth date, name and place of birth to help you identify the causes of your success or failure in life. You will get practical suggestions on realigning your energies and achieving tremendous success in life.

Get a new perspective of looking at things around you and make them work in your favour!