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At Koncept Vastu, we provide vastu architecture for house, which blends the modern architecture with old-age scientific system of Vastu. We take the help of the holistic vastu principles, which helps to secure health, success, prosperity and peace all at the same time. Below is a detailed description of each architectural phase along with the drawings prepared.


During schematic design, moss will investigate site characteristics and, if requested, advise on LEED criteria so that the design has proper solar orientation for lighting and heating/cooling, and natural ventilation to provide proper passive design. Passive design strategies rely on natural and non-mechanical methods to cost effectively condition the space


In the spirit of reuse and up cycling, our designs incorporate sustainable materials without sacrificing design integrity. We will advise on the cost and environmental savings achieved by incorporating alternative and efficient energy sources such as geo-thermal, solar, and wind and sourcing local, reclaimed, up cycled and salvaged materials.


During the final stage of the design, Vastu architects in Delhi at Koncept Vastu will prepare construction documents which can be easily understood and provide precise detail for construction methods and submittal for permitting.

Take benefit of a system of holistic Vastu Architectural design utilizing technologies, methods and products that not only safeguard your health, wealth and the environment around you, but also essentially enhance the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual quality of your everyday experience. You accomplish this by plainly living in synchronization with universal energies.

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