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  • 9 November 2019
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Have you been lost? Are you just wandering in your dreams to search for the one you love? Are you dejected by the fact your love isn’t reciprocated? In order to ignite love and get in a relationship with your loved one, you need to read some Vastu tips. They will help you get the better of the rough times in your life and give it a new meaning with love and happiness.

It all starts with your abode and life. If everything is managed and curated in your house, things will take a positive and good turn. However, if things are disorganized, life will also move in a topsy-turvy direction. The one you have been looking for comes after attaining a balance in life. 

The southwest area in your house should be free from all things blue. This helps in brewing a lovely relationship. Also, red should be cut off completely from the southwest direction. The East and southeast direction are not meant for bedrooms. Similarly, the southwest zone is not ideal for the toilet and kitchen. 

When it comes to rest, we hit our beds. The positioning of the bedroom in the house must be appropriate. If you do not want things to go South, make sure your bedroom definitely goes south i.e. in the south direction. The photos and love-related things are to be kept in the Northwest zone, and a showpiece or an object displaying love birds can be kept in the southwest area. 

The clutter should be done away with. Keep your room and house clean. The messy house adds to the trouble between you and your love thereby making it more complicated. 

Last but not least, be positive and happy. It will surely help you meet your beloved. Are you looking for the best Vastu Consultants In Gurgaon