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  • 9 November 2019
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Infertility is anything but a bane. However, some women want to go the family way and experience the joys of motherhood. At times, science and doctors give up and fail to cure infertility. Granted there is no guaranteed solution for curing infertility, there are several things that can cheer up the mood and bring positivity in your life. 

Sometimes, it is the natural ambience around you that affects your well-being. It is important to keep in mind that the surroundings and aura around you is pleasant and promising. The things around you ought to exude good vibes. So, you can get the better of infertility by sticking to the following points 

Add bubbly and cute posters of babies in your room. Do not go for dark colours, go for posters that are light and fun. 

To add freshness to your environment, make sure you daily bring flowers. Keep flowers next to your bed. Flowers are the harbinger of peace, growth and novelty. 

Get rid of any construction in your home. It is considered to be a sign of obstruction, according to vastu. Things should be perfect and flowing. 

Choose your room in the southwest direction as it adds spark to your married life. Romance is born in your relationship. Try to catch a peaceful slumber in the left side of your husband. 

You can bring in some picture or painting of elephant in your room. Elephant is associated with expectancy. 

Growing fruits and plants can help in soothing your mood. Fruits are the symbol of renewal and growth. So tend to a fruit tree in south west direction to enjoy the bliss of motherhood. 

Do not use dark and bright colours in the house. Use soft and neutral colours. Pastel shades are the best. A simple thing like rose petals in a bowl can work wonders.