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  • 9 November 2019
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Depression nowadays is becoming common day by day as the pressure from work, home or peers gets straight to one’s head. It is an illness that takes one’s good mental health away and  one can never find peace in whatsoever situation, fortunately there are ways can ease away one’s pain and suffering through

some Vastu Tips.

1. It is also advised by doctors to do some exercises on a daily basis, brisk walk in the morning can help you release your stress, exercises on the other hand help a person release chemicals and also acts as natural anti-depressants.

2. Food plays a crucial part in our lives, they are a source for our nutrition and energy, what we eat is what we become and hence we should stop overeating start working on a balanced diet. 

3. Water is essential for our lives, without it we cannot survive,  water has always been said to heal, but it also helps us lower levels of stress and anxiety, so one needs to drink plenty of it  and no drinks including water should be taken with meals, an hour before eating, water can be taken.

4. The natural sunlight is a great way of helping a person with depression, It gives Vitamin D to out bodies which is a  source that can prevent depression, you should expose your body under the depending upon a season.

5. Making yourself happy is also a key to be less prone to depression, laughing and smiling are best ways to keep

diseases like depression at bay.

6. All you have got to do is spend time with your family, friends loved ones, never be alone all the time, make yourself presentable and keep smiling often so that people take interest in you and continuously want to talk to you.

7. Helping people have been proved to be satisfactory and it also bring your moral level up so you feel

happy that you were able to do something for someone who needed help.

8. If you are constantly worried about things that happened in the past and start to over think in your leisure time then it is advised to take up some hobby so your thought system starts to build up in another directions.

9. Once in a while we all need time away from our hectic lives and work, planning a trip to some place where you feel at peace is a great way to help tackle through depression, it gives you a kind of renewed energy and inspiration.

10.  When a person is upset during his/her emotional times, it is really okay to break down and cry, crying helps in getting out all the stuff that has been building up since, holding any kind of emotions has been said to be dangerous so let it flow.