Secrets to decorate your house according to Vaastu

Secrets to decorate your house according to Vaastu

It’s nice news that Vastu is changing lives of millions positively! Even the West is exploring Vaastu and its experts are fortunately promulgating the science for everybody around the world. Vaastu is an ancient system of building architectural structures that rigorously takes under consideration the influence of natural forces that are well-known to influence health, emotions, thoughts and our overall quality of existence.

Vastu Shastra relies on varied energies that come back from atmosphere like alternative energy from sun, cosmic energy, satellite energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light-weight energy, wind energy. These energies will be balanced to reinforce peace, prosperity and success. If a home is created in line with these principles, the inmates fancy all the happiness in life. It’s nothing however planning a house with relation to the direction of the house.

Some rules should be followed while consider the decoration for interior of your house-

Almirah’s – Almirah should be placed south west of the room. The best place for Almirah is southwest portion of the south west room in the house. Jewellery section should open towards the north or east direction.
Shoe racks- The Shoes and footwear should be placed towards the southwest portion of outside of your room.
Study table- A Study table can be placed in the south west of the room and the person should be faced towards north or east while studying.
Paint Colors- Paint colors always affect the mood and also affect the Vastu. In entrance of your house avoid red, black and gray and used white, light blur or light green colors.
Paintings and Statues- Don’t use north east corner of the house to hang paintings. So you keep the northeast clean and light. Paintings with scary marks and evil things should be avoided. Paintings of nude should be avoided. Avoid keeping statues of gods in bedroom. Never keep any stuffed animals in the house.
Keep Plants in the House- According to Vastu, Plants with red flowers and bonsai of the trees are not allowed in the house. Avoid pots along the north and east walls of the house.

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